About Liz

I have always had a strong passion for design and photography. As a child, I would enter numerous coloring contests and even found my way onto television; exhibiting my creations for all to see. It was a local children’s sitcom, but it was the Oprah of TV shows in my adolescent eyes. After that, I clearly saw no other option but Hollywood, however, I decided to spare myself of childhood stardom and stayed in Sacramento, CA – which is where I was raised and a majority of my life has been spent.

I had no need to rely on my memory because I documented everything with my camera. Friends and family have always known me as “the girl with the camera”. I was the one capturing all the moments and did it because I loved it.
As the years went on, the crayons transitioned into a career choice. I received my Bachelor Degree of Science in Graphic Design, from CSUS and immediately after, took a position as an Editorial Graphic Designer for Sacramento Magazine. Since then, I have worked for local newspapers, produced magazine layouts, logos, invitations, company identification packages, ads, postcards, brochures, menus, slide shows and booth displays.

I have professionally been in the field for 7 years and have embraced every moment as a learning one. My inspiration for photography, hit a new peak, after the birth of my two sons. I wanted to document their lives the same way I documented my own. I also wanted to share this gift with others who wanted to tell a story, about their life, through photos and art. When a customer, a friend or family member comes to me with a project they would like done, I make it a priority to give them a product that they can share and treasure for a lifetime. A final product submitted to a client, which is anything less than perfection, is not an option.

When I am not busy indulging myself in my work, my personal activities include spending time with my husband and two sons – as well as my family and friends. I love traveling and exploring all different areas and walks of life. Over the years, my husband and I took on a hobby to seek out all the Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives that Guy Fieri has visited……and yes, we do have a check list. In addition to my adventurous side, I also take a strong liking to anything 50s era inspired, Frank Sinatra and Chevy Bel Airs to be exact. I LOVE Disney, The Peanuts, anything Funfetti and mashed potatoes. I am down to earth, humble, friendly and a big part of why I love the work that I do, is because it allows me to meet like-minded people, new personalities and create new friendships to last a lifetime.