session prep

Helpful Tips

First things first, I want this to be an enjoyable experience for everyone! Below are a few tips to help make your session go smoothly and have fun!

• It is perfectly OK to bring bribes to your session! Whether it be a toy, a video/song on your phone, a snack or candy. I will be my goofy self making noises and dancing around to make your children smile (and probably the parents too) but these items can help make the photo session go smoothly if the kiddos aren’t feeling my crazy antics!   

• Make sure everyone has a full belly, washed faces, boogies gone and went to the bathroom before leaving the house. Some locations do not have bathrooms.

• Comfort is key! Photo sessions aren’t designed to be painful - I want you to have a fun experience! If you don’t want to wear a fancy outfit, dress pants or high heels - totally OK! BE YOURSELF! 

• Everyone in your family does NOT have to match! Choose a color family (for instance, teal, navy, gold) and then add variety within that color family. Accessories are a great way to add variety. It is OK to mix patterns and fabrics as long as the colors tie everything together. Avoid logos and busy patterns. And if you are still stuck on ideas, Pinterest is a great resource! 

• You are welcome to change into as many outfits as you would like within our session time frame.

• Bring props – these items can help make your session more meaningful and fun to represent your family interests. Signs, balloons, instruments, sports gear, chalk, bubbles, a wagon, stuffed animals, flowers, hats, costume jewelry, costumes, sunglasses, etc. The list is endless. Props can also keep little hands busy, fill in time while siblings are being photographed and help to draw out smiles and genuine interactions. It is important to me that the photos showcase your true personalities and family dynamic.

• Please avoid anything that will stain your childs face, teeth or mouths before the session. 

• Men: please shave before the session! I can only do so much in Photoshop :)

• Ladies: consider hiring a professional makeup artist for your photos. I have the perfect gal for you listed on my Preferred Vendors page. If you will be doing your own makeup, add a little extra makeup! It really makes the difference in your photos. 

• Nails: Please make sure all nails are trimmed. Ladies, choose a neutral color that won’t distract or clash with your outfits. Use this session as an excuse to go get a mani/pedi! 

• Glasses: Lens glare can detract from your eyes in the photos, so if you don’t have to wear them, pop those contacts in! If people wouldn’t recognize you without glasses, then definitely wear them. Please make sure to leave your sunglasses in the car. It is not a good look when you see them hanging out of your back pocket.

• If your child is still of napping age, please try your best to make sure they nap before the session.

• Please let me know of any special needs anyone in your family may have before the session. 

Remember to be silly, play, laugh and let go. Let’s make your family photo session a fun event and something to look forward to. 

contact liz with any questions!